Short story- To be or not to be?

The party shall begin at nine p.m. She wasn’t excited at all. She had only agreed to go because he had forced her to. “All my friends are bringing their girls”, he said. “I want you there. Anyhow. Come on, baby! It’s just a matter of two hours.” “Okay”, she said and disconnected the call. She did not even hold on to respond to his thank you.

She was not a party person. Crowds made her feel lost. She hated how people only gossiped and ridiculed others at such parties. Discotheques, cocktails and hard drinks failed to intoxicate her. She’d rather be up till late reading a book or working upon something on her laptop. She had a self imposed ‘no parties’ rule and she never made an exception to that.

Should she go or not? Why was she going in the first place? Was it to accompany him? Or was it to ensure he could flaunt his beautiful girlfriend just like his friends did? Was it because she wanted to go? Not at all. Why should she go when she didn’t approve of the idea? Why should she wear that short dress he gifted her especially for this party? Why should she dress as per his likes and why should she go to a party because HE wants her to go with him? In an instant, she was sorted. She wouldn’t go.

She called him up. “Hello, honey! Are you ready? “, he asked in an enthusiastic tone. “I don’t want to go. You ultimately only have to flaunt, so whether it’s me or someone else, it doesn’t matter. Goodbye. Enjoy the party and the rest of your life too. It’s OVER.”, she blurted. She was on the verge of breaking down into tears. “I am sorry”, he replied after a pause of what seemed like ages. “I was wrong, but I truly love you. Please forgive me. Will you please give me a last chance? I won’t ever disappoint you. I want us to be together forever. I’ll never force you to do anything, I swear”. He seemed to be filled with remorse. She said nothing. She kept sobbing for a while.

“Okay”, she said. She forgave him. Things came back on track and he never disrespected her opinions again.

Relationships, at times, demand chances. Ending things is not the wisest thing to do always. Sometimes, chances can do wonders and save relationships. Life is all about tolerance. Sometimes, in exceptional cases, there’s no choice but to quit. But everyone deserves a chance, so forget and forgive! Life is too short for regret. 😉 😀




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