Superb summer school!

I belong to the category of workaholics. Those around me have never seen me go out for a vacation or enjoying a holiday. I am precariously occupied with making and following my ‘To do’ lists. This month was no way different but maybe it was, because I joined a short two week summer school in my ‘the best’ H.R. College organized by King’s College, London.

We had Prof. Michael Bedward flying in from King’s College, London (ranked among the top twenty universities in the world, whoa! ) who was our course tutor. The course was called ‘Managing innovation’. It was all about innovating in business, corporate cultures and organizations. Truly, it was an experience of a lifetime in many ways.

Prof. Michael was one of the most enthusiastic and patient professors i have ever seen. He always seems to look so fresh and energetic- he radiated some positive vibes in the otherwise very cold classroom. He made his own presentations for teaching and was not someone who talked all the time. In most of our lectures, we students spoke more than what he did. No questions or arguments ever seemed to deter his zeal for teaching. He was always interactive and entertained us with his dramatics. A raucous classroom or a silly question never bothered him. He went on with a smile all the while. I am his fan already and maybe each one of us in the class was. He gave an opportunity to each one to speak on the microphone and corrected those who were not clear. A person of order and discipline; he has a thorough understanding of student’s responses to his teaching. He often took feedback from us about how the course had been going. He believes that constructive feedback rather than praise makes one better.

Well there were unpleasant experiences too. I was the youngest student in the class. Most people out there came with their friends and never went out of their comfort zones to interact with new people. We were given two group assignments to do. I had a team which wasn’t contributing to the work, they were uninterested. They only rejected my ideas and discouraged me all the time. I was taken aback, mainly because I am used to being in teams where everyone is passionate about the goal. However, I dealt with them. I was leading a team where everyone was elder to me. This was the biggest thing I learnt here.

Finally came the day of our presentation. My team members did not do well because they never took the pains to research and rehearse well. I was the last spokesperson from my team and I covered up for all the other’s shortcomings. I became the star that day and everybody in class praised me, except my team members of course. I had done my best and got what I deserved. I was happy.

The last day of the Summer School, I was chosen from my class to share my experience. i spoke in front of a crowd of almost 200. My Principal as well as Michael sir praised me for my speech. It was a happy ending in spite of all the mixed experiences. At the end, I was really sad because it got over very soon; but at the same time, I was happy because it happened! 😀 🙂


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